Do you feel like going to the cinema, but you have questions? Maybe you are not sure how the ticket booking system works or you just want to know what is so special about IMAX? We came prepared and have collected the questions that are most frequently asked from us. Browse this list and find your question. If you can’t find the answer, fill in our contact form on our website and specify the category of your inquiry! See you at the cinema!


Movie schedule


When will be next week’s schedule available?

On Wednesday the latest, it is available one or two days before the new schedule. Next week’s schedule (Friday- Thursday) is usually uploaded on Tuesday. It may vary in case of certain movies.


How long is a movie shown and when is it take off the schedule?

It cannot be known in advance as it depends on many factors. (viewership, interest, distributor, new movie offers)


On what does it depend on whether a movie will be shown in Bulgaria or not?

It is the decision of the distributor, whether a movie shall be shown in Bulgaria or not.



Ticket booking, ticket purchase


When can I book tickets?

The new movie schedule is uploaded on Tuesday and is valid  from Friday to Thursday. You can purchase and book tickets after that. It may vary in case of certain movies. You can find the current weekly movie schedule on our website.


Are reservations free?

We do not charge additional cost for reservations.


Are there any consequences of me not taking over myreserved ticket?

No, there is no consequence. 30 minutes before the start of the movie the booked seats are freed.


If I reserve a ticket, when can I take the tickets at the earliest?

After the booking you can take them until half an hour before the movie starts. It is possible every morning 15 minutes before the first screening, when the cashiers open. 


Is there a separate cashier, where I can take over my reserved ticket?

You must wait in line, there is no shortcut. If you don’t want to wait you can buy your tickets online – avoids queuing, gives the opportunity to have the best seat selection plus it is 24/7 from the convenience of your home or office.


In case of sold-out screenings do I have a chance to get a ticket if I go there?

We delete the bookings that were not taken over 30 minutes before the show. These freed seats can be purchased at the cashier’s desk of the given cinema.


It is possible to buy tickets online? If yes, where?

You are at the right place! By choosing the movies and the screening you can buy an online ticket with the „Buy a ticket” option. In case of online ticket purchase, it is highly recommended to check before paying to which cinema, on what day, what time and which screening you are buying a ticket. After the online purchase it is recommended to check the confirmation e-mail and the attachment.  If there is any problem with the e-mail, please, contact us through our contact form in the web site or call +359894650777 every weekday, between 12:00 and 17: 00 o’clock. We cannot take responsibility for tickets that were not purchased from the cinema.


What are the advantages of the online ticket purchase?

It is worth buying a ticket online as you can spare time instead of standing in line for them. If you buy discount tickets, please bring your discount ID as well, because your cinema ticket will only be valid if you have it and this enables you to enter. You can buy an online cinema ticket on our website.


What is the return policy for online tickets?

You have right to cancel your online ticket within 3 hours before the start of the movie, only in person, on the spot at the multiplex cinema where the tickets have been purchased for. Please, consider the working time of multiplex cinemas for the relevant day.


Can I charge the cinema ticket price to my phone balance?

Buying a cinema ticket is only possible at the cashier’s desk or online with a credit Card., we cannot charge to a phone balance.


When can I buy tickets for a screening at the latest?

You can do it until 15 minutes after the movie has began. Please try to arrive in time, as the

latecomers may disturb the entertainment of the people in the room.


Why can’t I buy a ticket an hour after the movie starts?

Because latecomers may disturb the entertainment of the people in the room.


What kind of identification is necessary to buy a discount ticket?

You can find detailed information about the discount tickets in our General Rules document. We can only provide discount tickets if you can show the identification. You can only buy on discount ticket with one identification and if you do not show it in time, the ticket cannot be modified to be a discount one. 

How much is a ticket?

You can get information about ticket prices at the cashier’s desk, or at our website, on page of the chosen cinema. 



Payment instruments


Can you give back change in case of vouchers?

No, we cannot give back from the value of these payments instruments. 


What online payment methods are available?

You can pay your ticket price online via the platform of the payment service provider PayU S.A., Poland, using one of the following cards – VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO.  



 Screening information


What is OV? Which movie is in its original language? (And which is subtitled?)

Original version=In the original language, without subtitles.


On what does it depend on whether a movie shall be shown in a subtitled or dubbed version?

It is the decision of the distributor, whether a movie shall be shown in a subtitled or dubbed version. 


How many advertisements and trailers are there before the movie?

Usually about 15-20 minutes, but this time period can vary.


What does the age limit mean?


Each film screened by Cinema City is assigned a film category by the National Film Categorization Commission to the Executive Director of the National Film Centre Executive Agency. Customers’ access to screenings is carried out in accordance with the films categorization and the resulting limitations. You can find more information about age restrictions of the different categories in the Category section.  



Gift voucher:


How and when can I buy a gift ticket?

You can buy a gift ticket in every cinema or cinema office. It is important to note that no discount can be applied to our gift tickets. You can find out more under the Gifts menu item.


Is it possible to use a given type of gift ticket for another type of screening?

On every gift voucher it is stated for what type movies it can be used.


Is it possible to extend the expiration date of a gift ticket?

No, the gift ticket is valid for the time marked on the print out, we cannot modify the expiration date.



3D glasses


Do I have to buy glasses for the 3D screening?

Yes, if you do not yet possess 3D glasses purchased at our cinemas. Due to technical characteristics and specifications of the projection apparatus in the different multiplexes operated by Cinema City, this may vary. Please check your preferable location!  


Do I have to buy glasses for an IMAX 3D screening?

Yes, if you do not yet possess IMAX 3D glasses purchased at our cinemas.  Note that you can only use the IMAX 3D glasses for IMAX 3D movies.


 Special products


What is difference between the IMAX and the digital 3D screenings?

Detailed information under the IMAX menu item.


Where can I find an IMAX cinema?

Only Cinema City Sofia-Mall of SofiaSofia has an IMAX hall.


Where can I find a 4DX hall?

You can find a 4DX hall in the Cinema City Sofia - Paradise Center and in Cinema City Plovdiv in Plovdiv.

Detailed information under the 4DX menu item.





What allergens can be found in the products of the bar and café corner? 

You can see all allergens listed at a visible place in each cafeteria in all locations.


May I take food-drink that I have purchased elsewhere to the screening?

You can only take products purchased in Cinema City (products purchased at the bar or the café), food and drink purchased elsewhere cannot be taken into the cinema rooms. 



Change in the schedule, canceled screening


What happens if a screening is canceled?

In case of a canceled screening, please ask around in the cinema office. You have a right for a compensation of the cinema ticket, however in case of a canceled screening we cannot refund the price of the products purchased in the cafeteria and the café.





Is there a discount for groups?

Yes, for more information please use the contact form.


Is possible to organize an individual screening?

Yes! You can find more information under the cinema room and canvas rental menu item.


Can I have free or discount parking at the mall?

There are different rules in different locations, please check at the respective cinema page in section GETTING HERE & PARKING


How can I have a movie poster? 

After the last screening of the given movie, you can get information in person in the cinema. The posters are the property of the distributor and can only be taken for captive use.


What kind of job and career opportunities are there at Cinema City? 

You can find our current job post under the „Work with us” menu item.